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a Turkish name, meaning a garden in heaven. it's english version can be defined as the garden of eden. it is also mentioned in the Quran.
the irem is beautiful.
by mary88888 April 06, 2009
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Someone whose name is Irem is a dependable, hard-working, and talented woman. She is extremely beautiful, and smart. Other girls will be jealous of her. Guys will want to get her into bed. Depending on the guy she has her standards believe it or not. Though she does tend to dress slutty and wear very girlish fashionable clothes, its another form of expressing herself. Her forms of expressing herself is by playing an instrument, singing, and hanging out with friends. If someone named Irem is your friend, do not let her go!!! She is extremely nice, will keep your secrets, will find humor in any situation, and will treat you like family. Betray her she wont be afraid to tell you off and maybe harm you. Watch out when she is like this! Over-all and Irem loves to over express her emotions and acts a lot, which is what an Irem also may do. They tend to be over-dramatic, but know the realistic part of any problem. An Irem loves communication, and will want it. Especially if there are problems going around. If an Irem is your girlfriend, treat her with respect, loyalty, kindness, make sure you love adventure, will be a perfect gentleman, are good in the bed, and will satisfy her emotionally or physically otherwise the relationship wont turn out good.
Is Irem going to the party?
No dude, sorry.
Then Im afraid I cannot attend, I will spend the night with her.

Did you tell Irem that?
Yes I did, I can trust her.
Thats cool, I wodner if I should talk to her too.

Man how was she last night?
Damn good she knows how to make me happy
by Squaredlove September 03, 2012
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