Iph you don't get some chitchen,I'z gonna beatchu upside da head.
by Heffrey Q. DeMaranville September 28, 2003
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Impressions on a website per hour.
I have a lot of IPH on my awesome site.
by Etan September 28, 2003
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“Yo! look at iphe over there! He’s got a fat butt!”
“Bro… You’re right bro!”
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An abbreviation for the stimulant drug Isopropylphenidate that's sold in Manitoba by dealers instead of Ritalin often
Manitoba Drug dealer: "Wassup Cussin, whatchu need fok?"
Student who needs stuff fok: "I fokin want some Iph Er wut?"
by trxshiofficial October 13, 2021
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