Smth that only exist for robots and gods .
hey ! there is a good internet connection in NASA and Mark Zuckerberg' home.

by Jesusson July 9, 2017
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The worst fucking thing to happen when you're already having a bad day. When pages and games stop loading well. It's our router's way of saying "fuck you".
Slow internet connection intensifies
by Walking Catfish October 17, 2016
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When your playing an online game and your internet connection is so laggy that you have no control of your game.
Tim got that McDonald's internet connection, no wander his K/D's so bad
by Tj1700 January 7, 2016
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Any page that takes longer than 5 seconds to load.
5 seconds: Damn it this page isnt loading! *Shut Down* Now you show up! Stupid Slow Internet Connection.
by Faatemalea November 8, 2010
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slow internet connections are unbelievably frustrating. Instead of speedy transmission it takes approximately 15 minutes for information to process. This disease is terribly annoying. Our humblest apologies
boston, America

Ronny: hey baby, how are you doing sweetheart...................

15 minutes later

Ronny: hey baby, how are doing sweetheart......................

Winnie: hey robbie sorry, i just heard the last part of you question. could you please repeat?.........................

15 minutes later

Ronny: repeat what honey?

slow internet connection - epic fail :(
by pinkhairtie June 7, 2010
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