Typically an angry teenager or other power inhibited individual who thinks that all religion across the globe is either Islamic Terrorist or American Christian Fundamentalist and that their arguments are sound because they have watched a Dawkins video online. They take special pleasure in assuming that people with a faith are either deeply offended or will change their life due to anonymous comment based "wisdom".
I wear Internet Atheist t-shirts that try offend old women because I want the world to be free of things that offend me. I am just that devoted. Now go away, I'm playing Skyrim.
by Apple iMolestation Device September 17, 2015
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Everyone's favorite type of atheist . You know the ones who use sites such as YouTube , Twitter , Facebook , UD . etc to call Christians retarded for believing in a " delusion " /"imaginary friend " and blame ALL of the worlds problems on god . I've seen some nice atheists too on these sites but that's VERY rare . And the sad part is some atheists will always be on videos debating religion . Hell , the video can be called" rattlesnake bites" and someone will say " This dude died cause of a rattlesnake there IS no god. " . and that leads to NUMEROUS comments debating religion. SMH! I don't hate atheist people. I just hate it when they shove their views down are throats. (I know some Christians do this to so don't whine and thumbs down this definition.)
To all Internet Atheists :Don't worry about what religion we choose there are LARGER problems you should worry about instead of bashing god on youtube and saying the bible promotes tyranny/hatred yet some of the atheists I've seen have nasty/haughty attitudes.
by M.I.T.C.H. June 17, 2015
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People who say that they are the minority yet if you say your a Christian they treat you so horribly and become so irrational of reason that they themselves become the very thing they despise. Internet Atheism is like a westboro baptist church, they believe that if you believe in god, than you should be oppressed and exterminated until the religous person, usually Christian, only has the few cubic centimeters in his skull to think freely. These are the scum, they hate Christians because they think that they are mass murderers, let alone do they realize all the atrocities commited in the name of atheism I.E. Soviet Union, China. They think they are intellectually enlightened because there fat little shits that want to feel special.
by Rosy O donnel September 7, 2015
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Angry atheist who trolls internet sites denouncing God, Christians and religion; Atheist internet troll who demonstrates a basic ignorance of reason; Atheist internet troll who is ignorant of science and logic while claiming strong adherence to the same; Atheist who contradicts themselves through poor reasoning, especially one who exhibits hypocrisy.
Rational people understand that the claim "There are no absolutes" is a self-defeating statement. Internet atheists? Not so much.
by roaddebris April 2, 2012
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Not to be mistaken for an atheist who merely uses the internet, an internet atheist is someone who is ubiquitous when it comes to websites or forum threads related to religion. They will often poke fun at religion and religious people, especially Christians and Muslims, but they have a sort of "search and refute" thing going on with Christians, whereas the Muslims usually only fall prey to internet atheists when they happen to come across them. Of course many internet atheists have the habit of searching for Muslims, too.

They usually lack any sense of humor if jokes are made about them, but they find nothing wrong with being incredibly offensive to the point of being disgusting when making jokes about religious people. They also love to show off their knowledge about any subject they might know something about.

They will often make snobby attempts to annoy or insult religious people, sometimes calling them names, but will immediately condemn someone who bothers atheists, homosexuals or liberals if they don't have a legitimate reason. Even if they do have a legitimate reason that justifies their bothering it might not matter. They will also claim they don't discriminate, but they are usually far more polite and accepting if they think you're a fellow atheist.
Jane the Theist - "God sure has given us a fine day. He did a great job creating the birds."

Internet Atheist - "'God' didn't give as anything; 'God' doesn't exist. And the birds are a product of years of evolution and natural selection."

Red the Atheist - "Christians are morons. They sicken me."

Joanne the Christian - "Ya? Well atheists are jerks."

Red the Atheist - "You're making nonsensical generalizations!"
by Card Tricks May 28, 2013
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Just a random 8-year old guy/girl who's sick and tired of sitting on his/her fat ass 24/7 and flunking his/her science test and he/she thinks that by solely being an atheist he/she is instantly a genius and goes to Tumblr/Instagram/YouTube/etc to shove his/her "genius" down innocent Christian's throats. He/she likes to troll Christian (especially the outspoken ones) and make insults and/or unsubstanciated claims e.g. "all catholic priests are pedoes" or "shut up you religitard" and when asked by the guy/priest that he just insulted to make a factual statement proving his atheism he will just insult them and put some Dawkins or Ricky Gervais alongside an insult.
@Internet_Atheist_And_Proud: Go touching little kids you pedo!
@Father_John_456: Stop it, I am already in my 80s, I'm not attracted to anyone, so stop being such a Internet Atheist and take your trolling somewhere else!
by -----thepreacher December 7, 2018
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An Atheist that acts like a dick online about their Atheism, not all Atheists that use the internet are like this, but most are. They always go around debating "normie christians" and pretty much every religion that believes in a god. Even if someone who believes in a god wants to have a normal civil discussion, they will act like an idiot an argue. If you're an atheist, please don't be an Internet Atheist.
1: this random dude on youtube just called me an idiot for believing god even though the topic was completely unrelated
2: He's just another faggot Internet Atheist, ignore him.
by Epic9YearOld November 23, 2019
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