Adjective useage for the word integrity; descriptor for a person with steadfast adherence to a moral or ethical code of conduct.

Noted to have been used in the mid to late 15th century, re-introduced into the English lexicon in 1998 by RAJ and TAW.
Tim is quite the integrious person.
by Yipe! February 8, 2005
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Having or characterized by integrity. The adjective of Integrity.
Behind my back he said I was a jerk but to my face I was his friend. He was not integriful
by CSBrown May 19, 2020
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One who has integrity. The word that will again become the accepted and accredited adjective of integrity in the Oxford dictionary. The focus of the integrious project: one man on a mission to increase the awareness of and re-define the meaning of personal integrity through the word integrious.
Howard is an integrious man because his values are congruent with and evident in his words, actions, personality and life.
by iproject1 May 4, 2010
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