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A situation when a young gentleman or teenager is in search to ask out a specific girl in mind out on date, a special event, etc. Asking out the girl requires planning, thought, timing, and above all: balls. This in its entirety is the mission. For the males, it is a risk asking out that girl because experiencing a rejection can be a very humbling experience for the male ("Dammit" by Blink182 describes this). However, if the girl says no, the mission is not over or failed - the mission can only be accomplished that is when the first girl says yes.
Dude 1: "Hey! Did you here he's gonna ask her to prom today!?"

Dude2: " Yeah, he's a man on a mission. As a bro, I wished him luck."

Bro 1: "Oh snap! Did he just get rejected?" Bro 2: "No... he's a on a mission, and it has just begun.
by ManOn-a-Mission February 28, 2013
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An indian man (because of the red dots on their heads.). Can often be found in groups, known as a 'SWAT Team'. If it is an area where you are surrounded by men/women on missions, you have found yourself in 'Mission HQ'. If they're in a hurry, they are on an 'epic mission'. If they look angry, they're on a 'vengeance mission.' If you find one working at 7-11, they're 'working undercover'.
Guy 1: Shit, check out that man on a mission... looking like an epic mission. Damn he looks mad... At least he's gone though...

Guy 2: I wouldn't be so sure man, look *points around*. SWAT Team over there, man on epic mission there, man on a vengeance mission...

Guy 1: FUCK D: We're surrounded! Run for that 7-11!

Guy 2: NO MAN! They're undercover in there, you know better than that!

by The Reverend Tholomew Plague January 03, 2010
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