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Also known as indifferent-sexual.

Means that a person is indifferent to having, primarily, a sexual relationship, but also is indifferent to a romantic or sensual relationship.

This is just the basis, though, and assumes you are bi-insexual, meaning you are indifferent to sex, but will take it from either gender.
Therefore, you can also be hetero-insexual, or homo-insexual, or pan-insexual.
Bob: "Dude, we might get laid tonight!"

Ron: "Ah, that's cool, but I don't really care, I'm insexual."
by rrpauldoran March 30, 2010
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A sexuality (Although it acts and typically feels more like a mental disorder to the insexual person) where the person cannot have any kind of sexual or romantic relationship due to their lack of comfort when engaging in such activity, similar to how people with OCD would get uncomfortable when faced with a mess, somebody who is insexual would feel uncomfortable when dating someone or having sex with someone, regardless of who or what they identify as biologically, sexually, or preferentially, due to the effect their insexuality has on them. It counts as a sexuality because it isn't a choice, the insexual is born insexual due to genetic reasons, and because it is technically a sexual preference. Not to be confused with indifferentsexual, as it is rude to call somebody a sexuality they are not of, even if they mean to abbreviate the sexuality's actual name. If you wish to say indifferentsexual but do not wish to say the whole name, say indiffrosexual instead, as insexuality means not being attracted to any person, place, or thing sexually or romantically.
"I'm insexual."
"Oh, so you don't care about who it's with?"
"No, I'm not attracted to any(noun) romantically or sexually. It's basically being asexual and aromantic at the same time. You're thinking of indifferentsexuality, or indiffrosexuality."
by The_Thot_Whisperer420 April 24, 2017
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