An Ivey business student that has his own theme song, artistic poetry, and following. He is the leader of a cult and a god among men. Women want him in their keep, men wish they could contribute like he does.
Inderdeep! Inderdeep! In her keep!
by inderdeepkdawg April 11, 2010
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A fleeky AF guy who has the best fashion sense you’ve ever come across. He’s funny, attentive and sexy. You’ll want him, but he’s probably already taken.
Him: God i wish I had an Inderdeep.

Him 2: he’s mine, back of bitch
by JoanneTheScamHer January 14, 2018
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he likes simran likes to suck on her he is really fat and has a double chin
inderdeep likes simran
by goat136 January 28, 2018
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