Jamica means Beautiful Strong independent woman who loves her family more than anything. Jamica is Sharp, Sexy, very honest determined, optimistic, and idealistic person who stands for what she believes in. And fights for the weak. jamica means stylish, dominant, but also charming and graceful.
Jamica is very charming and graceful yet strong and honest.
by sunshine777 November 13, 2017
Redheaded evil child of satan.
When Satan had a child (aka the antichrist )he named her jamica!
by clownny mc'clowny face October 9, 2020
Jamica is a beautiful name it stands for peaceful. She is very out going and loves to have a good time with her friends. Jamica loves her bf so much and will probably move in with him. She is very trust wortht but doesnt like to open up
Jamica, is a peaceful example of nature
by Adabsle April 17, 2020