1) When someone is african american, but they dress and act caucasian. 2) When a car is secretly pimped.
by Squink December 17, 2004
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When the lights are turned off, (or at night), on a African-american and he or she seems to disappear.
person 1: "Holy crow, where did Jeremy go?"
person 2: "Some one turned the lights off, hes just incognegro."
by XxMiss_ZolinxX June 06, 2011
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When an Africa American or a negro is camoflauged at night by dark clothes and skin and you can't see them until they smile then all you can see is the white if there teeth
Holy crap he's so incognegro I can barely see his smile.
by Toby Jackson January 16, 2017
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When a black man is blending in with his white friends.

This will usually apply to dress, speech and mannerisms. There will be very limited use of urban slang and pant sagging. Nerdy glasses will usually be part of the attire.
Dude, did you see Jerome last night hanging out at the Martini Bar? He was dancing to 80's pop music, wearing Abercrombie, and smoking Marloboros. He was totally incognegro.
by ponzi_joe July 20, 2013
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(of a Black person) who is dark enough to have one's identity concealed at night; when a Black person is dark enough to the point of blending in with the night
He was so dark I could only see his eyes and smile; he was completely incognegro.
by vballar December 17, 2014
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When anybody who has not real dark skin dresses, walks, talks or speaks like a stereotypical black person would, he or she is going incognegro, with the intention of not being recognized or to maks their own feelings, reactions or emotions.
l dunno, he showed up last night but incognegro; hood over his head, walking funny and bumping shoulders with some fellas, and left shortly after, he probably will deny he ever came here.
by Alex Duarte June 11, 2008
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When you are in a ride that your partner is unaware of and u drive past their workplace, pad, or places frequented. They don't see you though cause they have never seen the car you are in. Works better if ride has tinted windows. Or wearing different clothes of there own
I went incognegro to go see if my girl was at home . I guess I will go incognegro to get answers for myself.
by Michelle ricky April 01, 2017
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