Incestuous Friend Bubble-
(Adj. and Noun)


A group of friends, lacking mental, educational, or racial diversity who share the same gender and work at a single place of employment.

a) Incestuous friend bubbles are known for traveling in herds and commonly exchange breeding partners amongst Incestuous Friend Bubbles of the opposite sex.

b) Herds of incestuous friend bubbles can be found in areas with warm climates and high concentrations of plastic surgeons, annual income amounts exceeding $250,000.00, and tattoo artists.

c) Incestuous friend bubbles are attracted to shiny objects including, but not limited to; diamonds, chrome, and electricity..
"We better get out of this bar quick, before we are assimilated into that incestuous friend bubble and can no longer think for ourselves!"
by libertybelle20 July 7, 2013
Having vigorous sex with ones own brother if you are a male or if female having sex with your sister.
Today we will be discussing Incestuous Homosexual Intercourse.
by Joe Divakio February 12, 2011
You mean "necro", not "negro", you ignorant jerk. A Homo-incestual-pyro-negro philiac is one who likes to have sex with burning BLACK relatives of the same sex. Not dead relatives. Although, they'll be dead soon enough if they are burning, I guess.
I once met a homo-incestual-pyro-negro philiac who never completely fulfilled his desires because although he could set his relatives on fire and have sex with them, none of his relatives were black.
by sseni April 10, 2008
The is the greatest offence ever created, it is the brain child of the person who added it to the urban dictionary. The phrase (Homo-incestual-pyro-negro philiac) means, someone who has sex with someone the same sex as them, related to them, whilst they are dead and on fire.
An example of Homo-incestual-pyro-negro philiac is:

A Boy walks into a grave yard finds his great great great uncle, digs him up, sets the corpes alight and has sex with it.
by Adamski Belletovinch December 1, 2006
A cunt who cannot respect your relationship and also has children within the family of the man she is messing with.
Kayla is an incestuous cunt for messing with my boyfriend who is her husband's(the father of her children)cousin.
by That bih she screwed over August 16, 2022
When a relative of yours fucks you over in a business deal
Me and my cousin have an incestuous business relationship. I work for his construction company and he always fucks me over with the pay.
by donniescash February 15, 2021