uncontestable, something no sane person would argue against
also, more commonly, inarguably
I am the best. It's inarguable.
by SR April 4, 2004
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The result of an inauguration celebration. The large number of people, long hours, and close quarters leave everyone unhappy and arguing.
Sam: What's with Danielle? I thought she would be excited that we just witnessed the Inauguration in person.
Brad: She's been up since 5 and her legs hurt from standing; the normal side effects of Inarguation.
by dcchica2008 January 19, 2009
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hyperbole, usually added to strengthen a point which the speaker feels should be uncontestable but which is nevertheless in question
Bush inarguably lied about Saddam's connection to Al Qeada.
by sreed April 4, 2004
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Engaging an argument obviously devoid of logic/reason with an unintelligent or trolling person to prove a point. Though all you achieve is being village idiot #2. A complex joke for those with refined dark humor.
Idiot #1- "Only white people can be racist."

Idiot Recruit- "Let me tell you why thats wrong and upsetting. While I proceed to preach and get upset. Losing reason.
Idiot #1 - Bullshit argument here ignoring any point you made.

Idiot Recruit- Livid and upset possibly raging

Public Inarguation runner up little stupid dumb dumb. Nice point ya jerk. Don't feed the trolls. Can't teach what wont learn. Not seeing that is all it takes. To be Villiage Idiot runner up. The Vice Idiot in the it's Ova Office
by Ferus Regalis June 2, 2015
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