1. Junior McChicken from Mcdonalds
2. The sandwich consists of a chicken patty, lettuce, and mayonnaise.
3. The current McChicken sandwich recipe is somewhat spicier than the original.
4. Additionally, in United States, the sandwich is somewhat smaller than it was previously, as it is now on the Dollar Menu, which offers various food products for the price of US$1.00.
5. In Canada, with McChicken still its original size, the one on the dollar menu is called "Junior Chicken"

"let's grab some junes"

"Too much Cris' in the club not to get drunk,
Too many junes in the world not to eat em up"


by Glen.... April 17, 2007
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A really great band from Chicago: consists of Tim, Mark, Sutor, and AJ
Person: I can't wait for June's new record "If You Speak Any Faster" in stores August 9th!
by Sprink March 30, 2005
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It's the name of a fanfiction writer on wattapad.
Pronouns used are s-her.
Her works are :- his hostage, fallen angel
Do you know who june is ??
Yes, June's a fanfiction writer.
by juneheartsfood September 04, 2021
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1: the first month of summer.

2: James Charles' favorite month.
Innocent person: ah, June 1st, the first day of summer. Time for me to sit back and rel-

James: HI SISTERS, JAMES CHARLES HERE! SINCE ITS FINALLY PRIDE MONTH, AND THERES THIS GUY OVER HERE IN HIS LAWN CHAIR, THAT MEANS ITS TIME FOR ME TO (the author has elected not to show the rest of the line due to its length and nastiness)
by El tipo guapo May 02, 2020
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June’s are adorable humanitarians usually capable of clairvoyance. Do a June harm in any way and she will be gone in no time! She can become sarcastic and cold when she gets fixated on the madness of the world, she needs a real human to love her. She is an old soul who deserves to be free. June’s thrive from self love and reflection. She is well known to march to the own beat of her drum.
Thing 1: What’s so great about June? I don’t understand why people even like, like her.
Thing 2: Because god damn she’s a lucky ass bitch!
by doane458 April 27, 2019
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1. a term describing one who is mysteriously turned on by girls or women getting hit by large automobiles, such as trucks or vans.
2. a stupid variation of "getting served".
Aww.. damn.. poor lady got hit by a bus, and he was juned.
Wow.. look at those dance moves.. that poor bastard just got Juned!
by Anonmyous March 22, 2005
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