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A correctional institute based in Bradenton Florida. designed so upper class families can send away there snobby kids without sending them to "military school." The IMG head warden, "Ash", covers this fact with the horse-shit that they are creating athletes rather than crushing souls. It is here where inmates forfeit all their basic human rights to a group of unmotivated but exceptionally angry "dorm mentors." These sadistic suits utilize their ability to room search, drug test, and humiliate the inmates/atheletes to their sick twisted pleasures. The girls sent there are sluts, 50% of the student body are drug cartel boss's children from Mexico, and every golfer was imported from China in huge cargo crates that arrive every September labeled, "sex slaves."
A set of worried parents discover that their "perfect little girl" has slept with a black kid. The parents then spend $90,000 to set her up with a tennis racket, mini skirt and a gay coach to "retrain" her in the ways of upper class, civilized life. The then tell all of their rich-ass friends that their perfect little girl is becoming a superstar at IMG academies in Bradenton Florida
by Giles Gunter May 22, 2011
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img is short for the name image. Image was the original homosexual man in the mid 20th century. Through his wisdom and leadership the gay community has grown astronomically.
man that img, he was one fly fag.
by rgv October 30, 2004
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