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A constant state of goodness. Positivity. Oneness.

Adjective used to describe upful, joyful words, thoughts, actions, people, places or things or events.

Often used to refer to Holy or sacred gatherings, etc.

Superb. Righteous. Gifted. Blessed beyond measure...
Her Necklace was ilaful. The stones radiated light and positivity.

The concert was ilaful.

She had an ilaful smile.
by ila b. January 23, 2011
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Adjective: A state of being: Fruitful. Luminous. Full of truth and light. Intentionally positive. Full of positive vibration, upful frequency and good vibes. Radiating joy. Generous. Kind. Blessed. Full of goodness. Naturally beautiful. Rootsy. Full of life. Good vibes. Of the earth.
There is no warmth ilaful like that of the golden sun.
by Aprisa Sinclair April 13, 2011
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