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A species most known to mankind as being one of the most beautiful and intellectual people on earth. Because there are very few on the planet, they are rare and highly valued. In fact, catching one Ila is worth more than one million dollars! Though, be very careful because they have the self defense skills of Jackie Chan.
I almost caught an Ila today but instead got a roundhouse kick!
by Robinthicke December 21, 2013
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An angel of light. Flawed perfection is the definition of beauty, and she is the embodiment. She is creative, focused and kind, a true Disney princess.
Ila can kick your ass without even touching you. All she needs to do is smile.
by FrostbittenSnowflake June 06, 2018
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The hottest girl ever. She is kind and very beautiful. She is an angel.
Ila is so hott
by 1wsch tdd chj November 08, 2018
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i.l.a. "I laugh aloud" coined with the purpose to replace the often overused lol and especially LOL
wtf jarboe?! ila
by Shagmelon March 30, 2011
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A girl who has random mental breakdowns. Ila's are often quiet and secluded, but they love memes. They have very few friends bc they don't talk to ppl. They usually get along better with guys. Painfully blunt.
"Wow, that girl is such an ila. She'll never have a boyfriend.โ€œ
by oh ploof December 20, 2017
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ILA, also known as Instagram Likes Anxiety, is the fear of not getting many likes on your Instagram post. Especially on your selfies.
Person: *posts selfie* I hope I get likes on my photo, but what if I don't? Oh look I got one. Why did she just skip my photo? Did I not like her last picture? Maybe I should take it down, I haven't gotten many likes. I definitely have ILA.
by Lysthemayneac January 03, 2015
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