ikuto tsukiyomi's first name. (maybe some other anime/manga's but i dont know them). the name itself means many constellation(s?), is japanese in origin, and is for boys (not unisexual unless youre an evil parent).
tsukiyomi ikuto.
by ayumu February 5, 2012
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Ikuto is one of the hottest anime characters of all time, though he is hotter in the manga (my opinion).

He is one of the characters of Shugo Chara and is introduced in Episode One.
His Chara is called Yoru. Yoru has yellow cat-like eyes, blue hair and has blue ears. When they Character transform, they are called Black Lynx.

Ikuto has a younger sister called Utau Tsukiyomi, who has a MAJOR brother complex/ wants to be his girlfriend, but she gets over that stage.

Ikuto met Amu Hinamori in episode one, and has teased her to bits since them.
Ikuto said he liked her in chapter 31 of shugo chara (Maybe 32, not quite sure) and she brushed him off as joking, but we all know she loves Ikuto. (:P to Tadamu followers)

Ikuto also loves to tease Tadase Hotori, Tadase use to call Ikuto, "Oni-tan" when they were younger but now, Tadase thinks of him as his mortal enemy, espicially with Amu.

He is under the control of Easter, and they are using him, making him turn into Death Rebel during the 33rd Chapter.
Ikuto Tsukiyomi, a hot blue eyed,blue haired Bishonen!

Amuto 4TW.
by Sky Jack August 29, 2008
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H O T ! ! ! oh sorry. thats reversed. ikuto is the definition of hot. hes the main guy character in shugo chara (anime/manga series). with yoru he can chara nari (turning into black lynx or seven seas treasure) or chara change. he has blue hair. cat ears and tail when he character transforms/changes with yoru. and 17 years old in 2009.
hinamori amu: *points at ikuto* that perverted cat-eared cosplay guy!
ikuto tsukiyomi: *offended* co-cosplay?
by ayumu February 5, 2012
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