Tadase Hotori goes to middle school with Amu Hinamori and has the chair of King. His enemy in love and in finding the embryo was Ikuto Tsukiyomi.

His chara is Kiseki and his chara-nari(transformation) is Platinum Royal. He grew up with Ikuto and use to call him "oni-tan" (Brother). Also he grew up with Utau Hoshina(Tsukiyomi). Tadase has progressed from the begining of the series from a shy boy, into a more confident pre-teen.

He forgives Ikuto after he finds out he was merely a puppet to Easters scheme. He later tells Amu that if she loves Ikuto, she should go for him. That is when I realized:

"Hey, he's not a little kid anymore, he's a guy who loves a girl a lot." I mean anyone who's willing to give a girl up to the guy they use to hate for a long time is mature.
"Tadase Hotori, you little feminine bishi"
by Sky Jack August 12, 2009
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