given name is amu. sur name is hinamori. the main character in the anime/manga shugo chara. she has 3 character guardians (shugo chara) at first (ran, miki, su) and can transform into different things (and use other peoples shugo chara). transformations include amulet heart, amulet spade, amulet clover, amulet angel, amulet devil, amulet dia, and amulet fortune. her biggest love triangle (its shojo. come on. theres always a love triangle) is ikuto/amu/tadase (amu and ikuto tsukiyomi is AMUTO!! amu and tadase is tadamu). she has pink hair. "x" shaped barrettes in her hair. and dresses in a punk-goth style (thats what the anime/manga calls it).
nikaidou: attendance. himamori amu? is she here? *hima means having free time. its a pun.*
amu: its HINAmori. hinamori amu.
nikaidou: ah. thank you himamori-san.
amu: *irked* hes saying it wrong on purpose now.
by ayumu February 5, 2012
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