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Incredible Human Being(s)... sort of like being the most incredible man in the world without the Dos Equis commercials. He does what he says and when asked he might say what he does. Highly sexual in prescence, full and hair covered chest, penetrating eyes of blue or green, combined with a baritone voice that will; when the eyes lock, draw a woman in like a tractorbeam. A rugged man comfortable with himself. Can regail you when pressed with storiy after story of things that have occured in his life. And they have.
He's truely is an IHB.
by it'snot me April 09, 2011
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Italian Hot Boys.
native to NY and the tri-state area. They only wear brands like Armani, go tanning and spike their hair like the Gottis.
:YO the IHB is in the club.
::What a bunch of faggots.
:obv, I mean look at them.
by ashleyk May 25, 2005
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