A term used by management types to describe any sort of relationship in which one person gives feedback to another, even if nothing in the feedback process resembles a loop.
Wal-Mart "Associate": I feel like you're creating a hostile work environment by constantly pinching my ass.

Wal-Mart Manager: I'm glad we've set up the sort of feedback loop where you feel comfortable telling me that. You're fired.
by EJP June 05, 2007
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A phenomenon where a lack of originality or effort is perceived as creative and insightful for absolutely no reason, via the employment of hipster logic. This is usually observed when arguing with a contemporary author, artist, "thinker" etc. about the integrity of their work or the work of another. What's interesting is that any rebuttal made to the individual who is employing hipster logic will only reinforce that individual's standpoint, working toward the inevitable realization that other people just don't get it.
Joe: This is a toilet dude.

Hipster: You don't get it man, it's more than that.

Joe: Literally all that's here is a fucking toilet on a pedestal, this is not art.

Hipster: That's just the point the artist is trying to make, your ignorant confinement of 'art' is just a conformist attitude succumbing to the conceit of traditionalists. This artist is brilliantly fighting the status quo for a freer form of expression....

Joe: It's a fuckin toilet.

Hipster: Huh, you just don't get it, if you were able to get.....

Joe: Whoa whoa whoa, I see what's going on here, I've been trapped in a hipster feedback loop, and I'm getting out of here.
by jmoomoo420 April 28, 2013
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When a specialized system of thought becomes motivated by individual gain creating individual analysis and terminology that is false. In time, the systems exclusive terminology denies creative diversity locking it into a perpetual decline until system death.
I tried living in the United States last year, but damn, I couldn't secure my families basic needs because all jobs that pay a living wage require me to give up my cultural beliefs; the US is in a shitty feedback loop.
by doubledutchwindmill November 01, 2013
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