her: ifly him :
him: ifly her :
by asdadsa April 5, 2006
I FUCKING LOVE YOU. Used most commonly by teenage girls when someone buys them something new.
Oh. My. God. A Gucci purse. IFLY!!!!
by soup kitchen man. November 26, 2010
i fucking love it - pretty self explanatory instead of saying i love it say ifli
"u seen that new film out?"

"yeahh i seen it 3 times already - ifli"
by 21fw92 June 14, 2009
Text messaging abbreviation for "I fucking love you".

Also can be used at the end of e-mail or blogging exchanges and personalized by adding the recipients initial to the end.
Jersey Girl types a comment to Dr. Debutante on Myspace that says..."Thanks for the great party!! IFLY!!!"In which then Dr. Debutante would respond..."IFLY2JG!!!"
by Dr. Debutante January 6, 2008
The abbreviation for I Fucking Love You. For people who are too intense to say ILY or just plain old I Love You!
Ashleo: Milano honey! How are you?
Milano: Hehehehe. Im good. Wbu?
Ashleo: Im great :)
Milano: IFLY Ashleo :) hehe
by imaWOODchuck. January 26, 2009