An acronym for the phrase "I fucking love you." Typically used by prisoners receiving hand jobs under the table during visiting hours, horny 8th graders and fans of the 80's rock band Whitesnake.
Erin, IFLY. Meet me in the first floor bathroom so I can finger you. Or,

I can't believe you traded an 8-ball for third row Ratt tickets. IFLY!
by Professor Foreplay May 03, 2009
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An Abbreviation for the Iowa Flyers Swim Club, the fastest and most hated club team in Iowa. They consistently are the highest scoring team in the state at national level meets and are often accused of recruiting swimmers when all of their team members have came without being contacted by any coaches on the team.
Guy 1: Hey did you hear Steve just changed teams to IFly? I bet they were recruiting him hard

Guy 2: Unlikely, IFly doesn't pull that shit, that's just what slow teams say when they lose to them
by CPGaming October 25, 2014
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Me and my friends and family always say to each other I Fucking Love You. I even heard it thrown around at parties and bars, even in movies.

So when chatting online having to type it out constantly was a pain so I started just typing IFLY and when someone wants to say it Back they say IFLY2.
"Hey man IFLY." "Yea dude IFLY2"
by Kemical September 10, 2013
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