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When you start writing a code and find yourself overusing conditional/if statements inefficiently, making your code long, messy and unreadable. This strategy is often used by people new to coding, or people that have not planned out how they will write their program. In addition to spamming if statements, if-coders also often do not follow the rules of object oriented programming. They will often only have one class file and will include all of the code for the objects they could have made in that class, resulting in a (very) long code that is hard to read and hard to expand off of, which often leads to code abandonment.
Example 1*

Person 1: Last night I was making a pretty cool game, but I found myself if-coding, and I had to abandon it.

Person 2: Oh wow that's gotta suck.

Example 2*

New Coder: Hey check out this cool game I made!

Experienced Coder: This is a big piece of if-code. Your game sucks.

New Coder: Well my mom thought it was pretty cool...
by YetAnother13YearOldBoy November 12, 2013
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