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stands for - i don't get it.
{someone tells a joke}

person1: laughs
person2: idgi!
by sweetcheeksx April 09, 2009
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I Don't Get It - see also ris
<sign with Morrisons with 'RIS' darkened>

Person: ris? idgi!?
by ubersheep August 11, 2007
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IDGI = I don't get it
Its origins date back earlier than 2004 but began gaining in popularity in 2012 as it became a more widely known acronym for the phrase "I don't get it". Its not quite clear how the acronym made its way into common internet slang, but its believed that three friends from the University of Central Florida first brought the acronym into the mainstream in 2012. It is understood that the catalyst for the phrase was from the Arnold Schwarzenegger film Commando when Sully gets dropped off a cliff. As two friends chuckled about how fake the scene looked one seemingly naive friend commented "I don't get it", "what's so funny?". At last the IDGI was re-born. From that point forward it popped up around social media accounts and is now used in an almost facetious like manner when commenting on threads with opinions which one doesn't agree with or in the event when one truly doesn't understand the nature behind a comment or statement.
by Fieldy502 June 03, 2014
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Idgi: I don't get it
Max: "Do you get what that girl sees in that guy?"
Jim: "Idgi" (I don't get it)
via giphy
by MelonTie December 05, 2016
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I Don't Get It.
Hacker: 1 h4xx0or3d j00|2 9ib50/\/ n00b!
You: idgi...
by linz July 15, 2004
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We all see things constantly in our daily world that just DOES NOT make any sense at all. That's a situation when you think "I Don't Get It" and say that's an IDGI (pronounced IGGY)
That is the most rediculous looking haircut on the guy... it makes him look like a chick... that's a real IDGI.
by 1Party1 June 29, 2009
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