ICP - short for Insane Clown Posse.

When something is rather great, more amazing then great it then becomes ICP.

When a person preforms a great act, nay an amazing act of any kind they are ICP.

Used by the Armadale mangs.
Dylan: Did you hear about the other night mang?
Mang: No what happened?
Dylan: We got heaps of free #2's and I burnt down MacDonalds.
Mang: Sounds ICP.
Dylan: Definately ICP, no doubt about it mang.
by Stiz5 Master February 01, 2007
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icp or insane clown posse is a mix between rap and rock with insane violence there are to artiest in this shaggy 2 dope and violent j these two are psychopathic killer clowns

icp can also stand for internet child porn so be warned
guy 1: dude what you listening to

guy 2: oh just some icp

guy 1: oh the crazy clown guys

guy 2: yup
via giphy
by minniladds December 16, 2019
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