IBH is an acronym for "Itchy Butt Hole". It is used in reference to having an itchy anus from lack of hygiene or anal leakage.
Man I've got a bad case of IBH going on right now, I can't sit still. I guess I need to wipe my ass better.

Excuse me, do you guys sell bidets here? I keep having horrible IBH and need to wash my ass in the sink after every time I have sticky shit that's hard to wipe off. A bidet would make my life easier.

Dude, why are you walking funny? Looks like you got IBH. You should learn to wipe your ass better.

Thinking to one's self: Geesh I need to stop shoving things up my ass it's stretching it out too much causing anal leakage. It's making my IBH worse.
by IBH_MAN October 25, 2010
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