Pernounced: "I wit, I what, I wat, or I watt"

1. (n.) Someone who was always about to do something, but for some reason never does.

2. (n.) Someone who when you tell them to do something always say they were just about to.

3. (v.) "I was about to!"
1. Friend 1: Girlll i can't believe you let her say that to you.
Friend 2: Yeah listen girl the lord was with her cause I was about to punch that b@#$% in the face.
Friend 1: Shutup Iwat.

2. Mom: Aye boy you just gonna crap on my toilet and leave it?
Son: I was about to, i was just going to get a spunge!
Mom: Iwat, just clean it.

3. Mom: Son get this crap up of my toilet, I already told you once!
Son: Iwat!
by Jamal Davis and Eddie Moore August 16, 2008
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