A sweet Pocket PC by Compaq (HP)
me: I have a Compaq H3835!
some dude: I have a Palm...
me: Dude that's gay.
by Cliff Dickens March 01, 2004
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A decent mobile computer, sporting a fast processor, but poor ergornomics. Comes with a horrible operating system. The Windows Mobile is poorly designed, extremely slow (compared to Palm OS 5 Garnet), and claims to come with useful Windows software, the truth being, that any Microsoft word document edited on this device is screwed up and can never be viewed properly on a computer again. It also does not support any operating system except Windows. People buy these devices anyway, assuming, that since it is "Windows," it will be compatible with their home computer. Truth is, it really isn't compatible with Windows like it says it is. "Windows" Mobile is a lie.

Unique Features and Selling Points
1. Strange design
2. Stupid operating system sound effects
3. The lie of MS Office compatability.
4. Windows only "support." (no openness)
5. Games
6. Annoying menu.

No, I'm not joking. Think twice before buying a Windows Mobile device of any kind. Don't believe me? Ask Comsumer Reports. Until recently, "high end" Windows mobile devices didn't even appear in the PDA listings. Eventually, they earned their place as "not recommended." People who bash Palm or advise against it generaly know nothing about it. Fear.
Me: What's the stupidest thing you've ever done?
Friend: Apart from crap in a urinal, I bought an ipaq.
Me: I'm so sorry.

My Tungsten T5 runs circles around my friends (now sold) ipaq.

Yay! I have Linux running on my ipaq! It's not crap anymore!
by drbroccoli February 03, 2006
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