Blow Me While I Shit. A fancy name for a blumpkin. Also called "BMW I Series"
Hey, pal, go test drive a BMW I.S.
by Phat Bastid 00 February 17, 2005
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it means low on budget and the teachers who work in the school are retarded
MRS.saban: EvErYoNe in p.s/i.s 163 kNoWs aBoUt YoU GuYs
Everyone in 802: shut up avatar.
by Some guy at 163 January 22, 2019
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Itchy Eye Syndrome

The sudden urge to want to rub your eyes for hours upon hours usually the symptoms of being extremely high.
Your I.E.S always has you scratching your eyes and not passing the blunt!
by Stew Padasol February 12, 2012
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Immortal Sinners: Can sin over and over but nothing kills or stop, savage to the most.
How are you so strong? Im an immortal sinner hoe! (I.S)
by SavageeeeeDeathSinner November 29, 2017
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The shortened street term for Interview session. Usually people would use this when they’re trying to rush the conversation or just let people know where they’re making their way too. It’s often used casually though.
I saw you with a guy last week what was that all about?

I was holding an I.S with him to get to know him.
by Daddy yo slay (; March 10, 2020
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One of The most ghetto queens schools. Would Not recommend as a middle school. Mad treeshes, fights almost everyday, bum ass teachers, weave always in the hallway when there’s a girl fight, mad dykes, but we always find a way to get lit.
Bro what school you going to? I might go to I.S. 59.
by 59 reader May 17, 2020
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All the faggots go there and all the girls are treeshes
Yo you know any girls I could date in I.S.75?
Yea bro any girl you put your mind to bc they’ll say yes even if your the most ugly person known to man.
by Barney the dinosaur August 21, 2019
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