The term for a man's rather large thang "Italian sausage"
"Yoo girl u want to taste some of this italian sausage?"
by Nigga Dust May 22, 2005
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Short for Itis Spot. A designated chill spot for a group of friends to chill and get over the itis (short for niggeritis)
Pronounced "is" not i.s.
"Yo dude, the itis is hittin' me quicktime, let's hit up I.S."

Friend 1: "Yo, ima go home and get some sleep before soccer dude."
Friend 2: "Nah, let's just hit up I.S. for a quick minute."
by Casey Rexdale October 19, 2008
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Instead of the logical definition of I.E. (which is a Latin translation of "That is"), some people decided it would be a great idea to abbreviate the Inland Empire and make it sound cool.
This area is located 37 miles inland in Southern California and has a desert like climate: either very hot or very cold. I don't know of any reason why anyone would want to go there.

There is nothing cool about and it appears to be getting worse. Recently, anyone that can't afford living in Los Angeles moved out to the Inland Empire which includes illegal aliens, and gang members.

Personally, when I hear I.E., I think of Internet Explorer and anyone that uses it to define the Inland Empire has an IQ of 10.
Dude, lets go to the I.E and kick it with the cholos and essays.

Lets buy a house in the I.E. and grow some corn in our back yard like the ranch we had in Mexico.
by RobYo April 29, 2008
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Abriviation for 'Inland Empire'
Damn dude, them Skins from the I.E. are pretty down
by Lokie November 06, 2006
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I.E is a short version for Internet Explorer. A easy-to-use microsoft tool. It browses the web, with maximum security, and operating tools, such as view source ECT.
From the time i am writing this, the latest version is I.E 7, there is no difference from the outside, but there is in the inside (which u cant see or notice at that)
I use the latest version of I.E to browse the web quicker, and safer.
by Urban advice September 05, 2005
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A Well Known Independent Author That has written several popular novels like Secrets Upon Secrets, The Perfect Wife, Dream Factory, Essays of Lyfe and many more.

An Independent Author That has written vast of genres Thrillers,Horror, Non Fiction,Erotica,Fantasy & Fiction.
Person 1: Hey What Book Your Reading?
Person 2: This Awesome Book By I.S Akbar called Secrets Upon Secrets it's freaking epic!!!!
Person 1: You Should Let me Read it once your done I can't wait to find out what's it all about?

Person 2: You'll love his work the man's a creative genius.
by I.S Akbar June 23, 2021
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