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The perpetual and unfailing insanity ("i") of females of all ages, races, creeds, colors, religions, sexual orientations, and other dispositional differentiators, without exception.
"Man, 100% of girls are just crazy. Every last one of them, I swear."

"Dealin' with some of that i-factor lately?"
by Pete Calleri February 08, 2008
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Competitive party game. Each player takes it in turn to play the cheesiest/biggest tracks from their iPod/phone. Winner is the person with largest portion of booty shaken and/or most raucous screeching. Best played intoxicated.
"Oh man, this party's so borrring"
"What we need is a good dose of I-factor!"
(whoop whoop)
by Wammycat August 27, 2013
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