A famous phrase by Bart Simpson that got him on TV.
Bart Simpson: knocks down something I didn't do it.

by Insufficient Postage February 16, 2006
It's not justified, huh? Maybe that's why I didn't do it.

Iam "Well... We didn't do nothing. We did this."

Hym "THIS didn't really accomplish anything. They still got away with it. We still lost our job."

Iam "We stopped doing our job."

Hym "We stopped doing our our job 2 years before we got fired for stopping. It wasn't the not working we got fired for. These people criticizing us have selective illiteracy."
Iam "Or they assume we're lying."

Hym "Of all the... Look at the shit we've said. We'll say ALL OF THAT but we wont say words that are true!?"

Iam "I know. They just don't want to hear it. They don't want to here it and they don't care."

Hym "They don't have to read the shit but that sat and read the while damn thing. Every word of it."

Iam "For which I am eternally grateful (by the way). But that isn't the point. They aren't involved."

Hym "They involved themselves by choosing to participate. How do they not see that it could just as easily happen to people they don't hate? This thing predates any actual wrongdoing. They're using some kind of medium that is so comprehensive that a woman was able to tell me that a red car was about to turn down the street a full 15 seconds before it happened. The feint to fight Orwellian dictatorship but they legitimately just want to reserve the right to wield this against THEIR enemies when the time comes. And they want to talk about ethics. They just want to see what the end result will be. Comply and submit to a life of servitude regardless of the effect you have on the outside world or do something for which we can punish you so we can determine whether or not this is an effective means of controlling miscreants. Giving me the illusion of control does not give me control. I see through the illusion. This is a farce. I know it isn't justified by the strictures I outlined. And that's why I didn't do anything."
by Hym Iam May 15, 2022
Didn't I do it for you? Didn't I do it for U? everything I do is for U, Kermie.
by NotGivingUMyInfoLol January 20, 2023