The most necessary aspect in all life, a state that, when it is reached, peak mental and physical performance may be achieved at a supremely easy manner, as well as immense moist levels and very pleasurable afinkacion. Some may consider this as a way to get bitches, now that bitches tend to be very attracted towards Hydrated absolute units.
Verga brou, ese man dq Marvin stays Hydrated y tiene Potassium levels increibles.
by Marvin The Hydration Center March 22, 2019
implement used to consume cannabis...bong
pass the hydrator bredrin
by stoner steve September 17, 2003
Without wrinkles. An older individual that doesn't look their age.
by D4TB0I January 31, 2018
hydrated is a code word for drunk
hey bitch! let's get hydrated this weekend!

dude i was so hydrated last night. i dont even remember anything.
by mimi&tori June 10, 2006
Hydration is healthy.
And guess what, hydration is se.....
Thinking: Wow Elizabeth is very hydrated

by YouBetYouKnowIt May 9, 2019
Some one being overly moist
Devari "oi kamrahns moist you know"
Khalid "nah man he's hydrated"
by kkay devz December 12, 2013
1) To guzzle one's cum.
2) To replenish one's fluids with the rancid love juice that is semen.
"Stacy, how was that?"
"Man, I'm more hydrated than that time I had fierce grape!"
"That's quite the nourishment then!"
by Kempingt0n May 26, 2009