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The appearance of your ass crack eating up your pants and any under garments.
i.e. the pants are being pulled into the crack at an alarming rate.
Whoa sister - you need to walk slower or buy bigger pants - you got some serious hungry bum!
by French Cow February 27, 2004
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Also known as a wedgie, where the underpants are drawn/forced/pulled/slipped up into the butt crack.
That hungry bum they gave Clarence in gym class left a big skid mark on his gauchies.
by Cluin September 03, 2003
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When the fabric of your clothes is sucked between your bum cheeks creating the outline of your crack...
Simon: Yo dude, look at that girls arse...
Stu: That sure is one hungry bum!
by mcsaf October 18, 2011
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The act of a womans or mans underwear or bathingsuit getting swallowed by their buttox. In worse situations it may be referred to as a starving bum. Usually this happens for larger ladies that wear too small of bathinsuits because they think its attractive to look at cottage cheese.
<duDe> OMG@! look at the hungry bum
<man> yea dude, her fucking ass swallowed her whole bathingsuit
by Gito April 12, 2005
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Hungry bum, is a state that your bum goes into. Essentially, it is when one's ass hole tries to swallow that person's undergarments. This state can aslo happen (in some cases) where there is execcive bum hair. The ass hole attemps to devour the hair.
<dude> holy shit man
<man> WHAT!!!
<dude> That milf over there has got a hungry bum eating her whole fuckin bathing suit!!!
by G-Unit and Playa<k> March 23, 2005
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When women (or men) go commando or wear thongs and their pants are pulled into/eaten by their bum crack.
Steph must be going commando, she's got a seriously hungry bum.
by Leggingsaren'tpants April 24, 2011
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