hundred percent sure about something.
John: Hey what do you want to do today?
Jake:Wana go to the beach?
John:hundo p its gonna rain.
John:ok we"ll see a movie.
by nbb2010 August 1, 2010
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A metric measurement of chance or likely hood representing approximately 100%.
"Are you going to the strips tonight Phil?" "Hundo-P!"
by Slickgander August 10, 2020
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Maxwell: "Rirka you have really nice legs. Do you squat?"

Rirka: "Hundo p, I did squats yesterday"
by Asraideoln April 24, 2017
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when something is 100% factual or certain
Maxwell: "Rirka, you have really nice legs, do you squat?"

Rirka: "Hundo-P, yesterday was leg day at the gym"
by Asraideoln April 24, 2017
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This phrase is exclaimed as a short abbreviation in place of the full term "One Hundred Percent."
"Hey man, I put my beers in your bag over there is that fine?"

by JNChocolateMilk November 26, 2021
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I 100% agree with you.
Ashley: this dress is horrible.
Brooke:HUNDO P
Ashley:what does that mean?
Brooke: I 100% Agree.
Ashley:Oh I know now.
by Lulu(Grandma) May 12, 2021
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An autistic way to say "one-hundred percent" used by millenials
Me: Are you gay?
You: hundo P
by AI Goalies April 23, 2018
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