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When someone comes up from behind you and puts their arms around you as to hug you and then adds a pelvic thrust into your lower region.
We were in the garage and thought nobody was looking so I surprised my wife with a humphug...unfortunately our son caught us and asked what we were doing.
by FunSherah October 17, 2011
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A sexual act, When a person (most likley male) hugs someone whilst proceeding to hump them
"Gimme a hug," said the dude
(Humps midway through)

"WTF are you doing mate?"
(Proceeds to humphug)
by cassali November 09, 2017
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When you aproach someone in order to give them a friendly hug, and that person (hopefully of the opposite sex) practically sits on your lap. Commonly found in desperate people.
"hey you know that lisa chick? yeah, i hugged her and she gave me the time of my life! what a hump hugger."
by Dr. Boring May 16, 2006
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