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" I sat at the back of the class since there was a bunch of hucci ass people surrounding me"
by basicboy October 28, 2013
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Offbrand Gucci for the hoochi mamas.
Shaqueesha The hooker could not afford Gucci, and therefore had to settle for “ Hucci” instead.
by GoochiMama February 05, 2018
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A guy that think about himself is rich and cool,but in real life is just a poor cheap ass motherfucker bitch ass shit,also,HUCCI comes from GUCCI,a expensive ass cheap ass brand ass.
Hey man u know hucci?
U wanna say gucci?
No man,HUCCI!!!
I dont know him,but i bet hes a poor ass,loser ass,motherfucker
by thelordofevertthingg February 16, 2017
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this word is used in a very specific scenario when one is trying to rhyme {Hood} with {Gucci}.
"It's all Gucci in the Hucci."
by BIg Boi Loss August 08, 2018
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