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Hope U Break Up: That couple you hope breaks up for the reason that your crush is part of it.
Rebecca: I hope Josh and Jane split up soon.
Kayla: Why? That's kinda messed up.
Rebecca: They're my H.U.B.U. It's just that Josh is super-cute.
by PhillPunny February 07, 2015
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Losers who make accounts on Hulu and then friend each other.
My friend Josh and are hubus, but we are not hubusexual.
by Freddrex October 05, 2010
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A boy who likes to look at boys bums and like the homosexuality in lee whatling. he likes to have relationships with lees teddys which they all have holes in the crutch.(hubu made the holes). also he likes to make the habit of falling up the curb. rofl lmao.
erm well homosexual.
by jocabs January 13, 2005
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