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a white south african who has tender beautiful long noodle like hair and likes to save diabetics in his spare time
that whatling is doing backlfips
by mr french abused me January 30, 2016
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One who has short furry protrusions of the scalp, was once in a more wiggly state.

Often confused with waddle-ing this however is not exactly the same.

Is inclined to repeatedly use the words; "he thinks he's a boon!" or occasionally "pwned!"

One with a great skill in defying gravity, capable of falling UP a flight of stairs.
One scientist to another:
What is that indescribable fluff?
It appears to be some form of hair!
Unbeleivable! it must be a new spieces!! Look at it defy gravity in such a graceless manner!
by Insomniac January 13, 2005
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