for all those gurls and guys out there who are hot straight but taken...
bmt yet again gets credit
"oh too bad shes/hes totally hst"
by Amanda January 09, 2005
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Hacker standard time (HST) is a relative time zone occurring no less than three hours behind where the hacker actually lives. This means, should a hacker be awake at 3am according to local time, it is only midnight in his time zone. It is important to note that hacker standard time is adjustable according to occupation and time of year. Should the hacker still be in school, the three hour rule generally applies. However, during his summer vacation, the rule is traditionally scalable to at least an 8 hour difference. This enables hackers to miss daylight entirely, keeping to their necessary vampiristic existence.

If the hacker is out of school and in the working world, hacker standard time may be adjusted such that the hacker adjustment takes place only at night. This means should the hacker be awake at 2:59 am local time, it is but 11:59pm his time. However, when he wakes up at 7am for work, it is 7 am in both HST and local time, meaning the hacker simply scales back the amount of sleep he gets, existing on the half hacker standard time regimen.

So, when you see a hacker early in the morning (1pm or earlier in local time), please avoid loud noises. Allow them to adjust to their surroundings for at least an hour before any valuable information exchanges are conducted.
Hey dude! I'm in the HST time zone.
by Expoit CypheR January 10, 2008
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"Damn the 15% HST!"
"Yeah, that horse shit tax really kills sales"
by Anonymous July 16, 2003
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Hawaiian Standard Time (GMT-1030)
Right now it's 7PM HST.
by Spaz November 11, 2003
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hot sluts with tits. a.k.a.- goddesses
Lets invite a few HST's and some triple B's over.
by Peg Leg Pete October 14, 2007
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