What man use to have sexy times with local village prostitutes.
Olga, I was not knowing that you have bigger hram than I have. Wawaweewa! Now we can have great sexy time!
by blyat mother bitch October 25, 2020
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Refers to the Male reproductive organs located in the scrotum that produce sperm and the male hormone, testosterone.

It is also used to refer to the male organ used for urination and sex.

Borat, a character created by Ali G for his show uses this word.
"You have a hram like my friend" - Borat (Ali G)
by anon11nikt March 29, 2012
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A name not used for sam!! ok ally!!
by Sam Da Man September 15, 2003
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Noun: acronym: Human Random Access Memory. The attribute of or ability to multi task.
Boss: "I'm going to have to kind of ask you for your TPS report. mm-kay?"

Worker: "Dude I spaced; I totally ran out of HRAM, What'd you say?"
by Mike G April 9, 2004
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