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another name for rap artist Jay-Z. he is alternatively referred to as "J-Hova" as he considers himself to me the messiah of hip hop music.
I just copped that new Hov CD!
by l-dizza March 25, 2003
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High Occupany Vehicle. They can drive in the car pool lane.
That dude's driving in the HOV lane with an inflatable doll for a passenger. Not cool.
by Chumbachooch December 06, 2006
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Human Occupied Vagina. Aka a pregnant lady.
I want to bang jen now that she has a hov, no fear of pregnancy!
by MrZero September 20, 2011
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1) adj. Extremely awesome, God like, coming from Jehovah which is the Hebrew word for god.

2) inter. Showing enormous excitement or happiness

1)Dude, your hair looked so HOV in that monhawk yesterday!

2)I got an A+ on that math exam. HOV!
by McNally Sislo March 18, 2007
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Originally defined as a nickname for rap artist Jay-Z, the 2014 definition of HOV stems from the emoji symbol of two outstretched hands placed together at the thumbs. To HOV is to engage in binge drinking activities i.e, getting drunk.

See also, HOVing --
Similar to vogueing, the act of HOVing involves displaying the HOV symbol in photographs
by Stigs84 April 02, 2014
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A name to describe Joe Bob. HOV is short for jahovah which is the hebrew word for god.
HOV bout to punk dion with his big ol'..
by JoeHova August 20, 2006
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