Self defining. A mentally challenged ho'; but good as an immediately recognized all purpose insult (the emphasis is way more on the 'tard' than the ho) in the New Orleans area where the Hotard bus company runs Hotard labelled busses throughout the city.

It is usually used in disgust over anything from stupidity to sloth, close to a fighting word, (almost always preceded by the f-word) but is considered a term of endearment within some echelons of New Orleans society.
You're being a hotard...just get over here...and bring a bottle of whiskey, or your sister, too.
by 8th Ward is for lovers March 24, 2014
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1. A whore who is a retard at the same time. Usually annoying, and only knows one insult: "You're stupid."
2. The last name of a real person who lives in the United States.
Person A: Haha, you're such a hotard
Person B: You're stupid
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(hō-tahrd) A mixture of "hoe" and "retard" implying that a person is both promiscuous and stupid.
Jessica: "Did Tyler seriously sleep with Courtney?! Who knows how many diseases she has! Why would he do that?!"

Jesika: "Because he's a hotard."
by winner42 May 28, 2011
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1. An extra dumb promiscuous slut - syn: hoebag, slutty mc slutterson
"The hotard shaved her ass so she couldn't catch crabs"
by ATLGuy June 24, 2014
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Hooker with a low IQ.
That hotard is so stupid she thought reverse cowgirl was when a horse takes her from behind.
by Team3redheads March 7, 2020
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