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A phrase used when one does not know how to spell "tamale" correctly.
(conversation via IM)
A: What's a hot tomali?
B: I donno. Do you mean tamale?
A: Oh... yeah, I guess.
B: Well, a tamale is a Mexican food made of cornmeal & lard, with typically a pork filling. A "hot tamale" can be a spicy cinnamon candy. Or it could be a reference to someone appealing to the eye.
A: Man I'm an idiot.
B: I know.
by mexican food March 30, 2010
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A metaphorical term used by the judges on the Fox reality TV show β€œSo You Think You Can Dance” which suggests a dancer that performs at a high level and exhibits an element of β€œhot and sexiness” in their routine should be riding this imaginary vehicle.
Nigel: "I think you did very well. If you're not riding the Hot Tomali Train tonight, you're certainly on the platform."
by the hot sauce March 26, 2010
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