When a gorgeous gurl says she is a "hot mess" it can mean the total opposite. She looks absolutely gorgeous n hott
Man she says shes a hot mess but god she is looking hott!
by SkunkMelish April 12, 2009
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Someone who usually looks sexy or hot but for some reason looks bad at that moment.
Beyonce look a hot mess on T.V.
by Jae Zee September 18, 2006
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When someone displays themselves in a crazy/silly manner verbally or by appearance.
I told my girl she was a 'hot mess' after she referred to the older gray-haired woman on the dancefloor as "Old-Pu$$y."
by MartiniGirl June 02, 2005
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A person who makes a stellar leader...can be a disaster 24/7 but pull off any task given to them. Makes things ten times harder than they need to be but handles business. Can laugh off and make look good falling down a flight of stairs, rear ending people regularly and over all making a fool of themselves.
A hotmess will continue to make a million mistakes but can always persevere with a smile on their face.
by lea-tard August 15, 2011
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Referring to any sexual activity in which the actions are getting to be of a perverse nature. Can be used spefically to describe male ejaculate or releasing of bodily fluids.
That girl was such a skeeze, I had to bust a hot mess all over her face.

I left a hot mess on her chest and then rolled around in it (Cleveland Steamer).
by Squad September 05, 2005
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