A person that does something spectacular when something much easier would have done the trick quicker and more efficiently. Hot dogging is the verb.
That baseball player dove for the ball, what a hot dogger!

Anderkon, you wild man your such a hot dogger!
by Plantus November 10, 2006
The act when you thrust your penis into a girl's vagina so fast and hard your penis gets hot.
Yeah, i gave her a Hot Dogger.
by mushroomhead forever June 26, 2012
A person that skillfully incorporates hot dogs into his or her everyday foods.
Chica: "Babe, you going to make me that frozen pizza?"

Duder: "Yea, hold on a second bitch! Gotta slice up some hot dogs to add next to the sausage and pepperoni."

Chica: "Yeah! I love hot dogs! You're such a creative hot dogger."
by westfalia January 12, 2010
Someone who says their gonna do something but doesn’t
Bro stop being a hot dogger and do it
by Craig dom September 5, 2021