A large insect that will bite you at the first opportunity. They are a half inch to an inch long, triangular, and carnivorous. When they bite you they take out a chunk of flesh and inject venom. The area around the bite will hurt for around five days.
Sarah got bitten by a horse fly, and found it painful to walk for a week.
by feesdanse May 7, 2011
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A man who enjoys sex with horses.
That Horse fly over there is fucking that horse in the ass.
by Texyriffic November 12, 2010
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when a man inserts a fly into his urethra before performing sexual acts upon vagina, quickly pulling out and then sticking in the anus when about to ejaculate, releasing the fly into woman's asshole projecting the fly throughout her body and out her mouth. (successful if fly remains alive).
The male prostitute performed the infamous "mexican horse fly" on a very satisfied customer.
by chives4u5647 November 8, 2010
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Another term used used for anal sex
'Fancy a quickie Dierdre?'
'Sorry Ken, I'm up on blocks, it'll have to be the flying horse'.
by Yorkshire puddin February 23, 2016
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When she asks for sex and you walk in with a horse cock on your head wearing an elvis cosplay, she'll go wild
Me and my wife decided we are going to try a flying horse back dancer tonight
by Mr.goose69 April 9, 2021
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