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Unimaginitive and very predictable. is "exceptionally punctual" (lol). when playing rock paper scissors (see rock paper scissors) she always picks rock even when someone says"you are going to pick rock aren't you". she is a amazing teacher who has almost no short comeings except being the worst at rock paper and scissors.....and any other game ever played
In one word...Awsome
Studnet:Miss horley do you want to play rock paper scissors?
Horley:Yes lets play.
Student:You are going to pick rock aren't you?
Horley:Maybe maybe not.
Student & horley:Rock Paper Scissors
(miss Horley picks rocks and student picks burmese python.)
Student:So predictable
by jollotta November 02, 2007
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Music so good it could elicit sexual arousal.
The new We Came As Romans albums is chock full of bonerjams.
by lpvitus October 28, 2009
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Horley is the physical state of being both sexually aroused and unwell with flu-like symptoms. Being horley is being both horny and poorly simultaneously.
Archibald: How are you this morning Percival, still poorly?
Percival: Morning Archibald, I am actually so horley that I just sneezed my way through a full orgasm.
Archibald: Oh wow, and how was that?
Percival: It was both unsettling and magical.
by Gladys66 September 03, 2019
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All the shops are shut because it smells of despair and wee. The only saving grace for this mish mash of new estates and 60's bleakness is nothing at all because it is truly terrible. Angry young men strut around talking like gypsy cockneys and their sportswear and Pandora clad spouses reduce the bravest heart to jelly.
"Wanna got to Horley? - Do I fuck!"
by STREAKY_BACON January 06, 2021
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