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what a Meth tweaker does by "repairing" or "fixing" something that is still good/useful, and render it totally useless
Please don't horkle my stereo Mel. It works fine.....really.
by Sebra August 05, 2003
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fat, ugly, nasty looking, whore, hoe, slut, skank, disgusting, obese, oveweight, grenade, bad-looking, unattractive,
that girl is a horkle !
by zamariah lexikle March 05, 2011
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What a meth user does when smoking his/her pipe.
Mike blew out one giant cloud of smoke after horkling the entire bowl load.
I got some good shit, let's horkle!
by HR Puff-n-Spoof February 07, 2008
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